Translation & Transcription Services
Translation Services
  • Translation of Books/Journals to any language
  • Translation of Educational materials both print and digital products
  • Legal Translation
  • Translation of Software products
  • Translation of web based applications
  • Translation of E-Learning materials and products

Website Localization
  • We are experts in localizing the website as per your language requirements.

Voice Over Subtitling
  • All type of Subtitling works and voice over services are handled.

Multilingual Data Entry
  • Any language data entry conversion works

Multilingual Typesetting
  • Typesetting all levels of Books/Journals/Magazines
  • Brochure Creation
  • Marketing material creation

Transcription Services
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Training material transcription
  • Any language audio to any language text conversion