2D/3D Animation

We handle all types of 2D/3D animation services (Technical, Medical, Industrial, Walk-throughs, Advertisements, Film making, Episodes/Series, Scenario based, Culturally correct)

Game Development

We handle
  • Game Design Document Development with ID
  • Game Background Artwork and UI development
  • Game Character Design and Animation
  • Game scripting – AS2.0 / AS3.0 / HTML5 / JS

Story Boarding

We handle Story boarding from text content (Books, Articles and Extracts) for eLearning Material and make sure that the learning sequences will be shot by shot and it defines all the parameters including duration, A/V, OST, Events/Actions.

Content Creation

We have subject matter experts to develop raw content on any topic – Academic, Medical, Engineering, Finance, Tourism, etc.

Simulation Creation

Our experts are capable of creating simulations based on user behaviour (Simulations in Physics, Geometry etc.)

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Creation

We have experts who can work on SCORM compliant packages.

Audio/Video Editing

We handle all types of A/V editing and sub titling. We can handle word to PDF conversion and all other format conversions. Our inhouse built tools have been used to ease the process, ensuring quick TAT and excellent quality.