Digital Services


Today the end users expect more multimedia in the digital books. ePub3 format supports multimedia in digital books.

Enhanced eBooks

Enhanced eBooks support audio and video which in turn helps us create digital books with more interactivity. Based on the requirements needed, we are able to create them and make them compatible with the intended device(s).

iBooks Author

IBA format can be used by the IPAD users and this format helps us to bring functionalities like quizzes, Q&A sessions, Widgets etc.

Widget Creation

Widgets are tiny applications that allow easy distribution of content across blogs and other websites. Using in-built functionalities available, our team has the ability to create new widgets for iBA.

App Development

Our development team has great expertise in building apps for all leading platforms based on client requirement.

Website Development

Our web designers have great expertise in developing static and dynamic websites based on client requests.